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Mounting an Action Camera for Snowboarding

As any snowboarder will know, nothing quite analyzes to a period on the hills. Catching that activity with an HD activity photographic camera can be an excellent way to experience that experience, but which is the best method for doing so?

Every year an incredible number of snowboarders go to the hills for their fix of snow-fuelled fun. While traditionally all that was needed was a board, boots and some warm clothing, many modern bikers now consider technological innovation as a standard, even essential addition to their tool set.

Action cameras in particular have become an increasingly typical equipment amongst boarders, enabling them to catch every moment of their drive, significance remembrances can be stored and relived efforts after time again. 

The development in HD activity photographic camera technological innovation means that these little, light and portable devices can be connected to almost any part of the bikers body, or headgear, giving bikers the option to catch video from a variety of different viewpoints.

Making a decision on where and how to install an activity photographic camera comes down to a variety a factors - the kind of photographic camera being used, the design, or viewpoint of video looking to be taken and the driving design of the user. So for those planning on capturing some driving video this winter, here are some options;

Helmet mounts

Helmet installs come in several different forms and will entice different bikers based on the design of photographic camera and kind of headgear they are using. Users of the well-known GoPro HD Helmet Idol cameras, or the new GoPro HD2 variety will be particularly ruined for option, with several choices available.

The GoPro Venting Helmet Band Mount is a well-known option with snowboarders due to its ease of use and relatively little price tag. This install simply ties safely through the headgear ports and can be eliminated via a fast launch procedure, enabling fast accessibility the photographic camera.

Similarly, the GoPro go strap install is a quick-release design install, but instead fits over the headgear, as apposed to through it. This is a good install for bikers who use a headgear without ports.

For an completely different viewpoint, the GoPro Front side Mount connects to the top of the headgear, like a headlamp, and can be extended to face back at the driver to allow for self-portrait video clips and images. This is excellent for bikers who want to switch between point-of-view and documented design documenting.

Goggle mounts

Goggle installs are a typical option for snowboarders, especially those seeking that ‘point-of-view’ video seen so often in professional board movies. The photographic camera rests on either side of the glasses and follows the rider’s eye line as they drive, significance nothing is skipped.

The goggle install is more commonly used with the smaller, more structured models of activity photographic camera, such as the Move HD and Shape HD. Both Shape and Move provide their own goggle installs that has been created to fit their products. 

A Goggle install is an ideal option for those who drive without a headgear, but similarly attractive to those who require continuous accessibility their photographic camera, perhaps between short times of shooting.

Head strap mounts

Of course, there are bikers who select not to put on a headgear, and also those to prefer to put on eyewear to glasses. For these people a go strap install is a good option. These ties can be easily modified significance they can be used over caps and beanies without any trouble.

Almost all activity cameras will come with a install of some information when purchased, however, be sure to look at the variety of installs on provide if you’re looking for something in particular. No matter what kind of activity photographic camera install you select, it’s always important to ensure it’s suitable for your photographic camera design and wearing activity.

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